LIC Plan 863 Details | LIC धन रेखा प्लान 863- डिटेल्स और बेनिफिट्स


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LIC Money Line Plan no 863 .- LIC is the oldest and most reliable insurance company in India. In this article we will discuss LIC Plan 863 Details in detail. You must know about LIC, you must have seen many advertisements of LIC on TV in which there is a lamp between two hands.

In today’s article we LIC Dhan Rekha Plan 863 Details in Hindi Complete information from A to Z will be provided. Also, we will try our best to provide all the information in easy Hindi language so that you can secure your life with life insurance.

Highlights of LIC Life Insurance:

  1. This company is very popular and reliable.
  2. LIC is a very old trusted company.
  3. It provides the most life insurance,
  4. Here a good financial security is provided for a small amount.

LIC Dhan Rekha Plan 863 Details

LIC Plan 863 Details- LIC Bima Policy recently launched a new life insurance policy i.e. on 13th December 2021.LIC Money Line Plan 863‘ has been introduced. The number of this plan is 863, hence LIC Finance Plan 863 That’s kind of what it’s called Non-Linked Non-Participating Personal Savings Life Insurance Policy is

This policy allows customers to pay a limited premium and pay a single premium. In this project 100% guaranteed maturity amount (Survival Sum Assured till the end of the term of insurance) is provided.

Note that this policy offers cash back even before maturity and financial protection in case of death at any time. LIC Dhanrekha Plan 863 Special rates of premium have been maintained for particular women, and Transgender There is also a condition that

The specialty of this policy is that apart from cash back, you also get a guaranteed bonus at the end. Customers under the policy The minimum sum assured is Rs.2 lakhs There is no limit to the maximum amount paid.

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What is the provision in case of death?

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- If the policyholder dies during the policy period, 125% of the Sum Assured along with bonus will be paid to the nominee. Apart from this, on maturity i.e. if you survive till the end of the policy term, you will get 100% of the sum assured.

But note that the money back is not 100% added.

Key Features of LIC Dhan Line 863 Plan

  1. Limited premium payment and single pay facility in the policy,
  2. 100% guaranteed maturity amount,
  3. Premiums paid in less years,
  4. Available from a 90-day-old baby to 55 and 60-year-olds,
  5. Income tax relief below 80c on premium paid,
  6. Maturity amount is exempt from tax under 10D,
  7. Additional add-ons like Accident and Disability, Critical Illness, Term Insurance Riders and Waiver of Premium on Additional Premium.

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Three term of LIC finance plan

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- So far we have discussed LIC Plan 863 Details. This policy of LIC is presented with 3 different terms, in which 20 years, 30 years, 40 years Consists of three terms. You can buy this policy with any term.

LIC Money Line Plan no 863 .- 20 years insurance term plan premium is payable for 10 years and similarly for 30 and 40 years the premium is payable for 15 and 20 years respectively. It is also permissible to pay a single premium.

LIC Dhan Line Plan Premium Payment Mode

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- This policy comes with three conditions. Under this policy, you are provided 4 types of payment modes to pay the limited premium. as-

  1. Monthly
  2. Quarterly
  3. Semi-annually
  4. Annually

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Eligibility for LIC Finance Plan

LIC Dhanrekha Plan 863 It is essential to have certain essential qualifications. You cannot apply for a policy without qualification. these Eligibility The following are-

Individual plan

This is a plan for an adult in which 18 years to 65 years is mandatory.

  1. The age of the insured should be at least 18 years,
  2. The maximum age limit of the insured person is 65 years out of which the benefit is available up to 80 years.

Project for children

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- This plan is mainly available for young children and coverage up to 25 years is available under it.

  1. This plan is available for a minimum period of 91 days i.e. for a child aged 3 months,
  2. The maximum age limit for a child insurance plan is 20 years, under which children are covered up to 25 years.

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Documents Required for LIC Plan 863

Documents are mandatory for any type of loan or insurance policy. Based on these documents, the company verifies your identity. Similarly LIC Finance Plan in Hindi Documents are also required

LIC Dhanrekha Plan 863 The documents for the same are given below-

  1. Photo and ID Proof (Aadhaar Card etc.)
  2. Bank details
  3. PAN Card
  4. Family Status (Jan Aadhaar etc.)
  5. employment
  6. General information

How to buy Lic Dhan Rekha Plan 863

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- As I told you this policy can be purchased online and offline. To buy offline, visit your nearest branch center and purchase the policy by submitting the documents. While taking the policy, you have to pay the premium for a certain period of time.

You this policy LIC Official Website ,www.licindia.inYou can also buy online. For this you just need to upload some information and some documents.

After this, after the details are verified by the company and the payment is made, the policy documents will be sent to your email address.

  1. First go to the website
  2. Sign up with your email account on the website,
  3. Now give some general information,
  4. Choose the suitable plan
  5. Provide the requested information and documents
  6. Finally pay the premium,

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Benefits of LIC Money Line Policy

LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi- So far we have LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi I tried to understand. But Benefits of LIC Finance Policy It is also very important to know about its benefits as follows-

#1. Death benefit: If the life assured dies during the insurance period, the insurance company pays 125% of the Sum Assured or 7 times the annual premium to the nominee. However, an additional payment will also be made to the nominee after which the policy will terminate.

#2. Survival benefit, Survival benefit is also available depending on the plan chosen by the insured.

#3. 20 year plan, In this plan, 10% of the sum assured is paid at the end of 10 and 15 years.

Note that coverage is not available for the first 5 years. And from 6 to 20 years, with Maturity Sum Assured, Sum Assured will pay Rs.50 per thousand.

#4. 30 year plan, Under this plan, 10% of the Sum Assured is paid at the end of 15, 20 and 25 years, while no payment is made for the first 5 years.

From 6 to 20 years, Rs.50 per thousand sum assured on maturity and Rs.55 per thousand sum assured on maturity from 21 to 30 years.

#5. 40 year plan, Under this plan, 20% of the Sum Assured is paid at the end of 25, 30 and 35 years, while no coverage is provided for the first 5 years.

A guaranteed additional payment of Rs 50 and Rs 55 per thousand sum assured at maturity is available for 6-20 years and 21-30 years respectively. Apart from this, an additional Rs.60 per thousand will be paid along with the sum assured for 31-40 years at maturity.

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LIC Plan 863 Details FAQ

Q1. What is LIC Dhan Rekha 863 Policy?

Answer: This is a new policy introduced by LIC Corporation which started on 13th December 2021. This is a money back plan that can be purchased for 90 days for a child from 8 years of age and for a citizen from 35 to 55 years of age. LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi

Q2. LIC Plan 863 Details in Hindi?

The answer is: Its details are as follows-

  1. This is a new life insurance policy introduced by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).
  2. It was launched on 13th December 2021.
  3. This is the money back policy.
  4. Special premium rates are available for specific women.
  5. The minimum sum assured is Rs 2 lakh and the maximum limit is uncertain.
  6. It can be purchased under 20, 30 and 40 year plans.

Conclusion (LIC Plan 863 Details)

In this article we have discussed LIC Plan 863 Details in detail, we tried our best to know about LIC Dhanarekha Plan.


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