Who is the Baap of IPL? – IPL Ka Baap Kaun Hai

Do you know who’s the Baap of IPL (Indian Premier League)? Is it MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, or Virat Kohli? Read on to know who is the father of IPL. Many players are considered kings or leaders of the IPL because of their outstanding performances. In this article, we’ll break down the IPL superstars based … Read more

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana List 2023: Check Your Name in free mobile list

The Rajasthan Government has initiated the Rajasthan Free Mobile Scheme in 2023 to bridge the digital divide among women in the state. Under this scheme, free smartphones will be provided to women who are the heads of Chiranjeevi families and those with Jan Aadhaar cards. Recipients will also enjoy free internet service, calling, and messaging … Read more

How to Link Aadhaar with Driving Licence Online, State Wise Direct Link

Online Linking Aadhaar Card with Driving License in India: Aadhaar can be used by vehicle owners to obtain new licenses or renew existing ones.The aim is to combat the use of fake driver’s licenses through UIDAI’s Aadhaar-based verification guidelines. More than 30% of India’s total driver’s licenses are estimated to be counterfeit, according to the … Read more

Startup Telangana 2023: Benefits, Online Registration & Login

Introduction to Startup Telangana 2023: About Startup Telangana 2023: Objectives of Startup Telangana: Key Highlights of Startup Telangana Portal: Benefits and Features of Startup Telangana: Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents: Registering on the Startup Telangana Portal: Logging In to the Portal: Submitting a Grievance: Tracking Grievance Status: Viewing Contact Details:

Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO Achieves Success in Second Attempt

ISRO, India’s space agency, successfully launched the Gaganyaan mission on its second attempt on Saturday, October 21, 2023. After facing an initial setback with the ISRO TV-D1 rocket during India’s ambitious Gaganyaan Mission, the space agency made a successful second launch just 45 minutes later. The Test Vehicle, carrying essential equipment for the Gaganyaan human … Read more

Apna Chandrayaan Portal 2023: Online Registration & Login, Benefits

Apna Chandrayaan Portal: A Learning Resource for School Students The Indian government has launched a new website and course modules called “Apna Chandrayaan” to help school students learn about the Chandrayaan-3 space mission. The portal offers a variety of activity-based learning materials, such as colouring books, online quizzes, and jigsaw puzzles. It also includes 10 … Read more

Connect Punjab Complaint (Grievance) Registration: Submit Complaint, Check Status

The Punjab State Government launched the Connect Punjab portal to make the process of question registration easier. Connect Portal is a bridge between public authorities and the general population. The Punjab Complaint Portal is another way for the average person to resolve their complaint. In this article, we’ll share information about the ways to register a complaint on the Punjab … Read more

Keralotsavam 2023 Online Registration @ keralotsavam.com, Dates

Keralotsavam 2023: An Exciting Youth Event in Kerala Keralotsavam 2023 is a fantastic annual event organized by the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board, held in the beautiful state of Kerala. This event brings together young talents from all over Kerala, whether they are from urban or rural areas. It’s a big opportunity for these youngsters … Read more