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Indian Overseas Bank Net Banking: Features, Registration, IOB Net banking Login, reset password and IOB customer care. IOB Credit Card Bill Payment 2023 at

IOB NetBanking

Internet/Net Banking is the current digital banking system for many banks in India. The platform offers all banking services on the customer’s smart devices. It is a fast, secure and convenient way to transact money today. Indian Overseas Bank is one of the top best public sector banks in India, offering digital banking system to its customers. The bank introduces a new way of transacting without physically visiting the bank.

Net banking service is one of the services provided by IOB for receiving, sending check balances and paying credit bills. There are more services of net banking system. However, customers who want to switch from counter banking to net banking. They need to register to get access and login credentials. Net banking service is not limited but available to all IOB customers.

Indian Overseas Bank Net Banking Registration and Login

To work with IOB Net Banking, one has to register and provide their personal and bank credentials. Bank will verify and provide access to internet banking service.

  1. Open the IOB website page through Link
  2. To register as an individual, click on the “Register Individual” option. For Corporates and Proprietary Companies, click on “Corporate Registration”.
  4. Fill all the rewired details on the registration form. Submit an application with the same details at the bank branch where you have opened the account.
  5. Make sure to have an operational mobile number and email id to complete the process. Note that the number should be the same with which you registered while opening the IOB account.
  6. Bank officials will activate the account after submitting the application to the branch for verification.
  7. Applicant will receive password for net banking account.

IOB Net Banking Login

How to Login to IOB Net Banking Account

  1. Visit IOB website page to access net banking account.
  3. Enter your username and password/pin received during registration.
  4. The page will show several options. Select the tab of your choice.
    • Accounts
    • Remittance
    • Edit profile
    • BBPS
    • Tax payments
    • IOB Cards
    • utility payments
    • IPO.

For corporate users, the bank does not provide IOB card mode or IPO mode options. IOB Net Banking facility has two login credentials, namely:

The password is used to login to the net banking account. At the same time, the PIN is used to make transactions or transfer funds. Bank blocks any account if they make more login attempts. User must visit or call customer care officers for assistance in unblocking the account.

How to Reset IOB Net Banking Password

Net Banking users can change their Net Banking account password. The bank allows multiple password changes. This keeps the account safe from fraud. If a person has forgotten his password he can also change it.

  1. on iOB Net Banking Account website page.
  2. Select the Reset Password button under the “Help” option.
  4. Enter all required details like:
    • Your login id.
    • IOB Bank Account Number
    • Registered Email Id
    • captcha code.
  5. For corporate user, enter User ID and Login ID to proceed.
  6. The system will send an OTP number to your registered mobile number. Use the number to check the details.
  7. Please enter a new password (alphanumeric); It should not be the same as the previous password. Enter the password again to confirm and click the submit button.
  8. The rest of the password processing is done, and you can log in to your Net Banking account.

How to transfer funds using IOB Net Banking Account

IOB Net Banking is the most convenient banking facility for IOB customers. It is fast and safe to receive and transfer.

  1. Open your IOB Net Banking Account page. Login using your password and user ID.
  2. To transfer funds, the account should be added to the beneficiary list. If the account is not in the list, enter the beneficiary details: Name, Account Number, Bank IFSC Code and more.
  3. After the addition process, you can transfer your funds to the account. However, IOB Net Banking takes time to transfer funds to a new account. Funds will be transferred after bank verification.
  4. On the menu, click on “Remittance” > Fund Transfer > Other Bank-NEFT option and then select “Continue”.
  5. Enter the banking details of the account, which will receive the funds.
  6. Next, enter the amount to be transferred and click on “Proceed”.
  7. Now enter the Transfer Fund PIN to authorize the payment. Click on “Transfer Funds” option to proceed.
  8. System will send OTP to registered mobile number. Use the number to validate the details.
  9. The transfer process will start, and the user will receive a confirmation message. The transaction details will also be displayed on the screen for confirmation.

IOB Credit Card Bill Payment using IOB Net Banking

IOB customers can clear their credit card bills using IOB net banking account. First, they have to login to the net banking page and add the credit card as beneficiary. After adding, give the account some cooling time to pay.

  1. Go to IOB Net Banking Account page.
  3. Proceed to Fund Transfer section and select “NEFT” option on the menu.
  4. Enter the following details:
    • Recipient Bank Name
    • IFSC Code
    • Name recipient branch
    • The account number of the receiving user.
    • Amount to be transferred.
    • Transaction code.
  5. Next, confirm the details on the next page.
  6. Enter your registered mobile number to get OTP.
  7. Validate the details using OTP to start the transfer process.
  8. The system will send a confirmation message after the transfer is done.

IOB Toll Free Number

Users having any query about net banking service. They can contact the bank using the following details:

IOB Toll Free Number 1800-4250 4445
Other IOB Bank No +91 44 28524212
IOB Customer Care Numbers: 044-28519568, 044-28591029, 044-28525496, 044-28587353.


  1. Who is Eligible for IOB Net Banking Services?

    Net banking service is available to all existing account holders. You can register as an individual or a corporate.

  2. Can I change or update my details on IOB Net Banking account?

    Yes, Bank allows users to change or edit profile through net banking page. Go to account information page and update details like mobile number, email id, address etc.

  3. When can I access IOB Net Banking services?

    Net banking services are open every day (24/7) without any cost.

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