Connect Punjab Complaint (Grievance) Registration: Submit Complaint, Check Status

The Punjab State Government launched the Connect Punjab portal to make the process of question registration easier. Connect Portal is a bridge between public authorities and the general population. The Punjab Complaint Portal is another way for the average person to resolve their complaint. In this article, we’ll share information about the ways to register an objection on the Punjab Grievance Portal. What is the pertinence of joining Connect Punjab? What is the purpose of Connect Punjab Portal? In the next section of this article, you will find data of various realities.

Connect Punjab –

The Punjab Government launched an entry to address complaints. This is done by listening to the voices of the people and reducing the distance between them and the government. This entry is called Connect Punjab. With the assistance of this gateway, you can easily register your complaint in online mode. The Connect Portal will make it simpler for representatives to communicate with the public and will allow them to use government offices more easily. Before the Punjab government launched this Connect Complaint Portal, residents had to file a complaint in the office if any administration representative did not carry out their responsibility. This has now been done on the internet.

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Documents required

You should fill out the Complaint Portal online form by entering a few details as shown in the archive below.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Private testament
  • Protest archives
  • Email ID

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