AirtelTez Login Portal, Retailer Login, and Airtel Mitra Login

Airtel has created an Airtel payment bank to provide its customers with banking and finance-related services. Through this platform, clients can open new bank accounts and transfer, deposit, and withdraw funds, among other things. You can earn a substantial amount by operating an Airtel bank service center. Airtel has introduced AirtelTez for its BC. This site contains comprehensive information regarding airteltez Login, bc registration, etc. You will find detailed instructions if you wish to build a customer care center by becoming an Airtel Mitra.

Airtel Mitra subscribers now have access to the Airteltez portal, which was developed specifically for them. You are all extremely familiar with Airtel. It is a provider of telecommunications services. Currently, Airtel is expanding its operations into many other regions. Airtel has established an Airtel payment bank to enter the banking industry. On what terms will customers be offered new bank accounts, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, and loans, among other services? We have begun awarding BC points to provide services to the nation’s tiniest towns and villages. Anyone interested can earn a substantial income by starting an Airtel customer service center. This post contains additional, exhaustive details.

Portal Airtel Bank Objective

You are all aware that clients must visit a branch for banking-related tasks in our nation. This causes the customers trouble and wastes their time and energy. Therefore, Airtel Payment Bank has created the Airteltez platform to offer its customers online banking services. Due to this, they no longer need to leave their homes to obtain financial assistance and can apply for various services.

Airteltez Login Services

  • Currency Transfer
  • New Financial institution account
  • Recharges
  • Payment for Services
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Funds Deposited
  • AEPS
  • Debit Card
  • UPI

Airtel Payments Bank Retail Login Features

  1. Anyone can open an account with the Airtel payments bank without difficulty.
  2. There are over five million Airtel Payments Bank Centers where you can open a bank account.
  3. Opening a bank account is relatively simple, and the consumer receives the report within a few minutes.
  4. Airtel provides its customers free personal accident insurance coverage of Rs 1 lakh.
  5. By creating a savings account, you can earn up to 6.0% interest on the amount deposited.
  6. Immediately after opening a statement, the consumer receives a virtual debit card. The user may also request a physical card.
  7. Through IMPS or UPI, you can transfer money to any bank account in India.
  8. You may pay your power, gas, and broadband connection bills.
  9. Any mobile number can be recharged, and DTH recharging is also possible.
  10. Additionally, customers can book tickets online from this page. You can purchase tickets for a bus, train, or plane online.

How to Sign-up and log in to Airtel TEZ Portal

  • Next, input your active mobile phone number.
  • After entering the mobile number, Click on “Get OTP” to receive the code on your mobile device.
  • Enter the OTP to validate the information and proceed with the next stage.
  • The user must generate a password, enter it again to confirm, and complete the registration process.

Airtel TEZ Login

Login process

  1. Visit the webpage for Airtel TEZ.
  2. To access your account, open the login page and enter your cellphone number and password.
  3. Visit the dashboard of the page to view the user’s executable pages.
  4. Update your account details and search for another distributor or UPI on a new page.
  5. Next, select the manner of money transfer and provide your LAPU number to finalize the transaction.
  6. Additionally, the page allows users to withdraw funds from the bank.
  7. To complete the procedure, the user must utilize a biometric device and activate the cash withdrawal option.
  8. Select the “cash drop/cash deposit” option to deposit cash.
  9. Using their Aadhaar number, consumers can withdraw and deposit funds using the Airtel TEZ system.

Eligibility for Airtel Retailer 

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • One must have completed and qualified for at least 10th grade.
  • Additionally, the user must be a business owner with a bank account.
  • They must possess an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, and other required documentation.
  • The candidate must have a valid mobile phone number and email address.

Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login

  • Visit the website of Airtel Payment Bank through this link –
  • To access the website, enter your login credentials: mobile number and password.
  • Then, click on login option to gain access to the dashboard.
  • The website will display money transfers, bill payments, and cash deposit services.
  • The page allows users to obtain the Airtel Payment Bank certificate.

Details Regarding Eligibility for Airtel TEZ Distributorship

  • The applicant must possess a 10th-grade certificate.
  • Both Aadhaar card and PAN card are required.
  • The user must have a Rs. 50,000 security deposit.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the capacity to interact with merchants.

How to Transfer Money from Airtel Payment Bank

Transferring cash from your Airtel account

  • Install the Cointab app on your mobile phone.
  • Launch, install, and register the application using the mobile number registered with your Airtel account.
  • Click the “Airtel” option to continue the bank account registration process.
  • The system will enable mobile banking for the report.
  • Proceed and utilize the banking PIN for Airtel Bank.
  • Next, select Cash Transfer > Beneficiary Bank Account > IFSC Code > Amount.
  • Enter your banking PIN now.
  • The sum will be credited to the beneficiary’s account.
  • Your mobile device will display a confirmation message from Airtel Bank and the recipient’s bank.

What is an Airtel BC Agent?

Airtel BC agents should educate customers as much as possible in their native language. When engaging with customers, BC Agents should keep the benefits the same. BC agents are only allowed to charge the fees listed on the compliance poster. BC agents should issue receipts for all monies collected from customers. Ensure that all information is documented accurately. Ensure you have sufficient M-cash on hand.


How can I access the Airtel payment bank?

Follow the above mentioned steps to log in to your Airtel Payment bank account.

How can I start an online payment account with Airtel?

You can create an online account with the Airtel Thanks applications.

How can I gain access to my Airtel wallet?

Within the Airtel app, you can access your Airtel Wallet.

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