What is Airtel PUK Code and How to Unlock your SIM using PUK Code | Airtel PUK Code Kaise Nikale

Unlocking your Airtel SIM card can be a breeze if you find yourself stuck with a PUK code. This code is like a secret key, ensuring that only you have access to your SIM card. If you’ve mistakenly entered your PIN wrong three times, your SIM gets blocked, and that’s when the PUK code comes to the rescue. Here’s all you need to know about the Airtel PUK code and how to unlock your SIM (Airtel PUK Code kaise nikale):

What’s the Airtel PUK Code?

The Airtel PUK code, or Personal Unblocking Number, is your ticket to unlocking your SIM card. It’s a unique code assigned to each Airtel SIM card and can be found on the back of your SIM card or on the SIM envelope.

What is the default Airtel PUK Code?

The default Airtel PUK Code code is like a safety net in case you forget your PIN. Most operators, including Airtel, often use ‘1234’ as the default 4-digit PIN. If that doesn’t work, you can try ‘0000’ or ‘00000000’. These are like the universal keys to get your PUK code and unlock your SIM card. So, if you find yourself in a bind, give these a shot!

How to Unlock Airtel PUK Code? Airtel PUK Code Kaise Nikale

There are various ways to get airtel PUK code:

Via SMS:

  1. Use another Airtel number.
  2. Find the PUK code on the back of your SIM.
  3. SMS your locked number to 785 with “PUK<Space>15-digit SIM number.”
  4. Airtel will reply with an 8-digit code – your PUK.
  5. Enter this code into your locked phone to unlock.

Via Customer Care:

  1. Dial 121 from another Airtel number.
  2. Follow IVRS prompts for PUK code.
  3. Provide necessary details and your 15-digit SIM number.
  4. Once verified, get the new PUK code.
  5. Enter it on your locked phone.

Using Website:

  1. Log in to the Airtel website with another Airtel number.
  2. Enter the OTP received.
  3. Go to the Device section and find the PUK code.
  4. Enter it to unlock your SIM.

By USSD Code:

  1. Dial 12151# from another Airtel number.
  2. Select PUK option, enter your date of birth.
  3. Get the new PUK code shown on the screen.

By Visiting Airtel Store:

Visit an authorized Airtel store, verify your details, and get assistance to unblock your SIM.


What is the 8 Digit PUK code?

The PUK code, or Personal Unblocking Key, is an 8-digit code used to unblock your SIM card.

Why does the Airtel PUK code problem arise?

The problem arises when you forget your SIM password and enter the wrong one more than three times.

Can you unlock your SIM without the PUK code?

No, it’s not possible to unlock your Airtel SIM without the PUK code. Avoid other methods as they may harm your SIM.

How to unlock an Airtel SIM card online?

Download the ‘My Airtel App,’ request the PUK code, complete verification, and receive your 8-digit Airtel PUK code.

Can I get a new PUK code if I forget?

Yes, it’s possible. Follow the steps mentioned to obtain a new PUK code if you forget.

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