UDID Card 2024: Apply Online, Check Status, Eligibility, Documents Required

It is the right of people with disabilities to get equal access to opportunities and services as everyone else.

For this, the government has introduced the Unique Disability ID (UDID) card to streamline the process of providing support and benefits to persons with disabilities.

This initiative will help in creating a national database of persons with disabilities and also makes it easier to apply for and get benefits of welfare schemes for persons with disabilities.

If government have the data of disabled persons, it will also help government to make new schemes for disabled persons. So, I request every person with a disability to create a disability certificate and apply for UDID card.

I am suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and recently I applied for UDID card. So, in this article, I will talk about the details of the UDID card, its features, benefits, and how to apply for it.


The UDID card, also known as the Unique Disability ID card, is issued by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in India. It aims to create a centralized database for persons with disabilities, making it easier for them to access government benefits and services.

The UDID card contains the essential information into a single document, reducing the need for multiple documents and streamlining the process of availing benefits.

Features of UDID Card

The UDID card is designed with several features to enhance its utility and accessibility:

  1. Unique Identification Number: Each card has a unique identification number recognized nationwide.
  2. Personal and Disability Details: It includes personal information and details about the type and severity of the disability.
  3. E-UDID Card: An electronic version of the card can be downloaded and saved on mobile devices.
  4. QR Code: This card have a QR code on it. It helps in retrieving the udid card holder’s details easily and quickly.
  5. Linked with Aadhaar: The UDID card is linked to the Aadhaar number for seamless integration with other government services and prevents fraud.


There are three types of UDID cards based on the severity of the disability:

  1. White Card: Issued to individuals with a disability below 40%.
  2. Yellow Card: Issued to individuals with a disability above 40% but at or less than 80%.
  3. Blue Card: Issued to individuals with a disability above 80%.

Validity of UDID Card

There are two types of validity for UDID cards based on the nature of the disability:

  1. Permanent UDID Card: Issued to individuals with permanent disabilities like Muscular Dystrophy, this card does not require renewal. It is valid for a lifetime.
  2. Temporary UDID Card: For individuals with temporary disabilities, the card is valid for a specified period and needs renewal based on medical re-evaluation.

Objectives of UDID Card

The objectives of UDID card are:

  1. Create a National Database: To create a database of persons with disabilities.
  2. Promote Transparency: Increase transparency in providing benefits.
  3. Simplify Access: It makes it easier for disabled people to apply for government schemes and get benefits.
  4. Improve Service Delivery: Streamline the delivery of benefits and services.
  5. Empower Persons with Disabilities: Provide a sense of identity and empowerment through a standardized identification system.

Benefits of UDID Card

The UDID card offers the following benefits:

  1. Single Document for Multiple Benefits: Access various government benefits with a single document.
  2. Easier Access to Schemes: Simplifies applying for and availing welfare schemes.
  3. Concessions and Reservations: Easily get concessions and reservations in railway, education, employment, and other sectors.
  4. Centralized Data Management: Efficiently manage and monitor data related to persons with disabilities.
  5. Reduced Paperwork: Minimize the need for multiple documents, reducing administrative burden.
  6. Seamless Integration: Integration with Aadhaar ensures access to other government services.

Eligibility Criteria FOR UDID Card

To be eligible for a UDID card, an individual must:

  1. Only Indian citizens are eligible.
  2. Must have a valid disability certificate from a recognized authority.
  3. Must be enrolled in the Aadhaar system.
  4. Individuals of all ages with disabilities can apply.

Documents required for UDID Card

The following documents are required to make UDID card:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Disability Certificate
  3. Passport-size photos
  4. Address Proof such as a ration card, voter ID, or utility bill.
  5. Signature (Optional)


To apply for a UDID card through Swavlamban portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Swavlamban Card website.

  2. Click on Apply for UDID, second option in the menu
  3. Now fill your identity, employment, disability, and personal data.
  4. Click on Submit after uploading all necessary documents.

    After you click on Submit, your application to get udid card will be submitted and you can track the status of your application through the portal.

Steps to Download your E-UDID card

To download the e-UDID card:

  1. Use your credentials to log in to https://www.swavlambancard.gov.in/
  2. Click on e-disability card and find the e-UDID link
  3. Now, Enter your enrolment number, birthdate and captcha code to download.
  4. Now, choose the Download option. After this your e-UDID and e-disability cards will be downloaded on your device.

Steps to Track UDID card’s Application Status

To track your UDID card application status:

  1. Visit the Swavlamban Card website.
  2. Click on the application status
  3. Use your reference number that you got at the time of application to login
  4. Enter captcha code or a security question
  5. Verify all the details and click on check status
  6. Now it will show your UDID card application status stage.

Detail Mention Under UDID Card Status Dashboard

The UDID card status dashboard provides the following information, including:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address
  • Type of disability
  • Contact details
  • Parentage
  • Status
  • Pending at

Contact details

If you need any help, you can contact:

  • Phone Number: +91-11-2436 5019
  • Email: disability-udid[at]gov[dot]in


The UDID card is a significant step towards empowering persons with disabilities in India. It simplifies access to benefits and services, promotes transparency, and ensures accurate data management. Applying for the UDID card is simple and straightforward, and the benefits it offers to persons with disabilities are significant.

By providing a unified identification system, the UDID card plays a crucial role in fostering an inclusive society where persons with disabilities are not left behind. If eligible, applying for the UDID card can open up a world of opportunities and support.

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