LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship 2024: Eligibility, Apply Online, Last Date

Education can change lives of people, but due to financial problems talented students are unable to continue their studies.

To solve this problem, the LIC Housing Finance Limited (LIC HFL) came up with the Vidyadhan Scholarship 2024. The initiative is to provide financial assistance to poor students throughout India so that they can continue their studies without monetary worries.

Objective of LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship

This scholarship scheme mainly involves students from poor backgrounds who are given financial help required for their education.

This scholarship will hep students to create a bright future for them and their families.

This scholarship will reduce the financial burden on the students and they can concentrate on their studies without any worries.

Types of Scholarships

The VARIOUS TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS under LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship 2024 are based on the level of students’ education.

1. For Class 11-12 Students: A scholarship of Rs 10,000 will be given annually.

2. For Undergraduate Students: The students doing their graduation will receive an annual scholarship of Rs. 15,000.

3. For Postgraduate Students: The postgraduate students are granted a scholarship of Rs. 20,000 annually.

Key Features

The key features of this scholarship are:

1. Merit-Based Selection: The scholarship is subjected to merit-based selection for the students through good academic performance so that well-deserved students can avail of opportunities.

2. Financial Need Assessment: Also, the family financial background of the applicant is considered in the selection process.

3. Online Application Process: The entire application process is online and accessible, which could provide access to students without having to travel across the nation.

4. Document Verification: The applicants are supposed to provide the needed documents that would confirm their eligibility and financial status.


Benefits of the Vidyadhan Scholarship are:

1. Monetary Support: The scholarship covers a large percentage of the tuition fees, reducing the monetary load on the students and their families.

2. Encouragement to Continue with Education: The scholarship motivates the students in terms of financial support for their education and the realization of their academic dreams.

3. Increased Opportunities: The financial aid given makes the students study and get involved in all kinds of curricular and co-curricular activities, which further make way for the overall development of the students.

4. Building Better Future: Education is a stepping stone toward a better future. The scholarship would assist students in fulfilling their dreams and contributing positively to society.

Documents Required

The following documents are required from applicants during the application process:

1. Identity Proof: Government photo identity such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, or voter ID.

2. Income Certificate: Proof of the income of the family concerned, usually issued by a competent authority.

3. Proof of Admission: Documentation proofs of the student’s current admission to the educational course.

4. Original Mark Sheets: Duly attested copies of the student’s mark sheets of the previous qualifying examination.

5. Bank Details: Details of the applicant’s bank account to disburse the scholarship amount.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to LIC HFL Vidya dhan Scholarship 2024, one must meet the following criteria:

1. Academic Performance: Students must have secured at least 60% of marks in the last examination.

2. Family Income: The total annual family income should be less than Rs 3.6 lakh.

3. Educational Level: The scholarship will be provided to students from class 11 up to post-graduation.

Vidyadhan LIC HFL Scholarship 2024 Application Steps

The steps to apply for the scholarship are:

1. Visit the Official Website: Click to open the official application portal for the scholarship.

2. Sign up: Register with email ID and mobile number.

3. Fill out the Application Form: Fill in the details required regarding personal, academic, and family income.

4. Upload Documents: Scan and upload all relevant documents.

5. Submit Application: Review all the information you have entered on the application form and submit it.

6. Acknowledgement: You will receive an Acknowledgement receipt upon submission. Please keep it for reference in the future.

Selection Process

Selection Process of LIC Vidhyadhan Scholarship:

1. Pre-Screening: The pre-screening of applications is based on the academic and need requirements.

2. Document Verification: The documents posted will be verified against the information provided at the time of submission.

3. Examination: Candidates shortlisted for interviews may have to take some examinations to determine their appropriateness for the scholarship finally.

4. Phone Interview: Those who pass the test will be subjected to a phone interview.

5. Final Selection: Finally, the list of scholarship awardees is made based on the overall evaluation process done so far.


Who can Apply for the LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship?

Students from class 11 to post-graduation, scoring at least 60% in the previous exam and with an annual family income of not more than Rs 3.6 lakh, are eligible to apply.

Is the scholarship amount provided in portions, or will it be a lump sum?

Scholarship amounts are mainly disbursed in parts or installments following the norms and rules of LIC HFL.

Is the scholarship given again to candidates who have already been awarded scholarship?

Yes, students who meet the eligibility criteria for applying for the LIC HFL Vidhyadhan Scholarship can use, even if they are beneficiaries of other scholarships, provided they disclose this information in their application.


LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship 2024 is a golden chance for underprivileged students to pursue their education in India. The scholarship helps students financially to overcome the economic hurdles coming in the way of their academic desires. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, don’t miss the golden opportunity to secure your educational future. Apply today and take a step towards achieving your dreams!

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