Thallaki Vandanam Scheme 2024, Check Eligibility, Benefits, Apply Online

Children are the backbone of future society, and ensuring that they get quality education is paramount for sustainable growth. Considering the financial difficulties that many families, especially economically backward ones, are facing, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) ruling in Andhra Pradesh has launched the Thalliki Vandanam Scheme.

The scheme is supposed to provide financial support to mothers so that they could extend help in their educational matters of children.”.

I will tell you all the different aspects of this scheme to understand its objective, features, eligibility, benefits, and application process.

Key aspects of the Thalliki Vandanam Scheme:

Scheme NameThalliki Vandanam Scheme
Launched ByTelugu Desam Party (TDP), Andhra Pradesh
Annual Stipend₹15,000
Target BeneficiariesEconomically disadvantaged families
CoverageChildren in classes 1 to 12
EligibilityResidents of Andhra Pradesh
Key Documents NeededAadhar Card, passport-sized photo, bank account details, proof of income, proof of residency
Application ProcessOnline application, document upload, verification, direct bank transfer
ObjectivePromote education, reduce financial burden, empower mothers


Vandanam Thalliki Scheme aims to reduce the financial burden of parents, especially mothers, of children belonging to low income families by promoting education among such children. Stipend is given in this scheme to increase school attendance, reduce school dropout rates, and ensure that more and more children complete their school education.

This scheme also aims to empower mothers by directly providing them with financial support, which creates a sense of responsibility and involvement in the children’s education.

Key Features

Other important significant features of this scheme are:

1. Annual Financial Support: The scheme provides an annual financial support of ₹15,000 on the eligibility of mothers. This amount will be used for meeting education-related costs such as school fees, books, uniforms, and other basic requirements.

2. Target Beneficiaries: It targets those children who come from underprivileged sections of society so that the benefits reach the right people who are in need.

3. Direct Benefit Transfer: Money is directly deposited in the bank account of the beneficiaries. It makes the whole process transparent and reduces the probability of corruption or mismanagement of funds.

4. Large Coverage: Children are covered from class 1 to 12, hence supporting the children throughout their schooling life.

5. Focus on Mothers: By giving the stipend to mothers, the scheme emphasizes the role of women in managing household finances and determining their children’s education.

Eligibility Criteria

There is a set of eligibility criteria outlined under this scheme that allows targeted beneficiaries to get the benefit under the scheme:

  • Applicant must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • This scheme targets families from the economically weaker sections. An income certificate would be required for those who apply to determine whether they are eligible.
  • The scheme assists children currently enrolled in classes 1 to 12. Proof for application includes evidence of enrolment and attendance.

Required Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Aadhar Card for identitiy verification.
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Details for a joint bank account with the mother and child.
  • Proof of residence and proof of income.
  • Contact details, such as telephone number.


This scheme has many benefits:

  • Reduced Financial Burden: The ₹15,000 annual stipend significantly reduces the financial burden on families,
  • Improved School Attendance: With the financial burden lessening, the children are provided with the opportunity to attend school much more frequently; therefore, the rates of school dropouts decline.
  • Economic Continuity: Continuous financing helps ensure the children get an education without any hindrance due to financial problems.
  • Empowerment of Mothers: This scheme directs the stipend to the mothers, increases women’s empowerment, and promotes active involvement on the side of the woman in her children’s education.
  • Long-term Socioeconomic Advantages: Education is a solid key to breaking the vicious circle of poverty. In this way, the scheme supports the children’s education, and in the long-term it helps in the future socio-economic development of the state.

Thalliki Vandanam Scheme Apply Online

The government has not yet released the official website for this scheme. All the interested and eligible applicants may visit the official announcement, and once the government notifies its official website, they can fill out the form there.


Thalliki Vandanam Scheme is a praiseworthy initiative of the government of Andhra Pradesh to support schooling for children from low-income families.

By providing financial to the mothers, this scheme removes hindrances in the pursuance of education by any child and, at the same time, also empowers women to get actively involved in their children’s educational journey.

This holistic mode of approach promises to deliver noteworthy changes in the lives of millions of families, hence bringing to life a brighter and more educated future for the state.


Q1. Who is eligible for Thalliki Vandanam Scheme?

A1: Mothers living in Andhra Pradesh whose children are studying from 1st to 12th class and who are below the poverty line.

Q2: What documents do I need to apply for?

A2: Applicants need to submit the following: an Aadhar Card, particulars of passport-size photos, joint bank account, proof of income, and proof of residence.

Q3: What is the amount of financial assistance granted under the scheme?

A3: Under this scheme, eligible mothers receive annual partial stipends of ₹15.

Q4: How is the financial assistance disbursed?

A4: The help is directly transferred to the beneficiaries in their bank accounts using Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Q 5: What is the objective of Thalliki Vandanam Scheme?

A5: The scheme targets mothers and provide money support for the education of children of the weaker sections of society.

Q6: What are the benefits of the scheme?

A6: The scheme provides financial relief, enhances school attendance for kids, reduce dropouts, empowers the mother, and brings long-run socioeconomic development.

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