Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024: Eligibility, Benefits, Apply Online

The Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024 is a government initiative designed to help the poorest people in Tamil Nadu. The program was introduced in the 2024-25 State Budget, aiming to reduce poverty significantly over the next two years. With a budget of ₹27,922 crore, the scheme focuses on improving the lives of over five lakh urban poor households.

Key Highlights of Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024

Launch Year2024
Budget₹27,922 crore
Target BeneficiariesOver five lakh urban poor households
Beneficiary GroupsRag-pickers, destitute, widows, elderly, etc.
Main Focus AreasHealth, housing, education
EligibilityPermanent residents of Tamil Nadu, below poverty line
Required DocumentsIdentity proof, residence proof, income proof, bank details, contact information
Application ProcessOnline registration, form submission, document upload, verification, approval
Launch LocationsChennai and Nagapattinam (pilot phase)

What is Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024?

This scheme provides various types of support to the state’s most vulnerable people. It targets groups such as rag-pickers, the destitute, underprivileged children, widows, elderly unmarried women, single-parent families, artisans, minority communities, transpersons, and people with disabilities.

This scheme is named after Thayumanavar, a respected Tamil poet and philosopher and it emphasizes compassion and support for those in need.

June 2024 Update of This Scheme

As of June 2024, the scheme has started in Chennai and Nagapattinam. Mayor R. Priya launched the program in Chennai. A committee has been formed to manage the scheme, and councillors have been given detailed presentations. The first step is identifying and verifying beneficiaries to ensure the aid reaches those who need it most.

19th June Update: Over 5 lakh urban poor people will benefit from the CM’s Thayumanavar Scheme


The main goal of the Thayumanavar Scheme is to reduce poverty in Tamil Nadu. It aims to improve the living conditions of the poorest people by providing them with essential services related to health, housing, and education. The government hopes this will create a fairer society where everyone has the chance to succeed.


The scheme offers several benefits to help improve the lives of its beneficiaries:

  1. Health Support: Access to healthcare services, including check-ups, treatments, and medicines.
  2. Housing Assistance: Financial help for housing to ensure safe and secure living conditions.
  3. Educational Aid: Scholarships and financial support for children’s education.
  4. Social Welfare: Financial assistance for daily living expenses, especially for widows, single-parent families, and elderly unmarried women.
  5. Support for Artisans and Minorities: Special programs to support the livelihoods of artisans and minority communities.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Thayumanavar Scheme, applicants must meet these criteria:

  1. Resident: Must be permanent residents of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Economic Status: Must be living below the poverty line.
  3. Target Groups: Includes rag-pickers, destitute individuals, underprivileged children, widows, elderly unmarried women, single-parent families, artisans, minority communities, transpersons, and people with disabilities.

Required Documents

Applicants need to provide the following documents:

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Income Proof
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Contact Information

Application Process of Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024

Here’s how to apply for the scheme:

  1. Online Registration: Visit the official website and complete the online registration form.
  2. Fill Out the Application Form: Provide accurate personal, economic, and contact information.
  3. Upload Required Documents: Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents.
  4. Submit the Application: Submit the form online.
  5. Verification Process: The application will be verified to ensure eligibility.
  6. Approval and Disbursement: Once verified, approved applicants will receive financial aid directly into their bank accounts. They will also be informed about other support available through the scheme.


The Tamil Nadu CM Thayumanavar Scheme 2024 is a significant effort by the government to support the state’s poorest people. By providing essential services and financial assistance, the scheme aims to improve the quality of life for over five lakh urban poor households.

With its focus on health, housing, and education, the Thayumanavar Scheme is a crucial step toward creating a more equitable society in Tamil Nadu. As the program progresses, ongoing updates and improvements will ensure that the benefits reach those who need them most, helping to achieve the government’s vision of a poverty-free Tamil Nadu.

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