Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024: Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

In states like Andhra Pradesh, where a significant population depends on agriculture for their livelihood.

To support and uplift the farmers community, the government of Andhra Pradesh has launched various schemes. One of the scheme is the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024.

In this article, I will tell you about this scheme, its mission, objectives, benefits, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Annual Financial AssistanceRs 20,000 per year, disbursed in three installments
Government ContributionRs 6,000 from Central Government, Rs 14,000 from State Government
EligibilityPermanent residents of Andhra Pradesh, owning or leasing agricultural land
Additional BenefitsSubsidized/free seeds and fertilizers, disaster compensation, free bore wells for eligible farmers
Required DocumentsAddress proof, ID, Aadhaar card, bank details, farmland papers, passport-size photos
ObjectiveTo support and enhance the agricultural activities of farmers in Andhra Pradesh

What is Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024?

The Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024 is an agricultural support initiative launched by the Andhra Pradesh government.

Earlier this scheme was known as YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme, it has been renamed and expanded to provide more comprehensive assistance to farmers.

Under this scheme, eligible farmers receive financial aid to help them manage their agricultural activities more effectively and improving their productivity and quality of life.

Mission of the Annadata Sukhibhava

The primary mission of the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme is to provide robust financial support to farmers, so that they can sustain their farming activities without financial strain.

The scheme aims to alleviate the economic pressures faced by farmers, enabling them to invest in better farming practices, purchase necessary inputs like seeds and fertilizers, and ultimately increase their yield and income.


The main objective of the Annadata Sukhibhava Yojana is to provide direct financial assistance to farmers, thereby empowering them to improve their agricultural practices. This financial support is designed to help farmers cover essential costs, mitigate the impact of natural disasters, and adopt new technologies and methods that can lead to higher productivity and sustainability in agriculture.

Total Amount Provided Under Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme

The scheme provides a total annual financial assistance of Rs 20,000 to each eligible farmer. This amount is divided into three equal installments, ensuring that farmers receive timely support throughout the year.

The funding is a combination of contributions from both the Central and State governments, with Rs 6,000 provided by the Central government and Rs 14,000 by the State government.

Features and Benefits

The Sukhibhava scheme provides several features and benefits to support the farmers:

  1. Annual Financial Assistance: Farmers receive Rs 20,000 per year in three installments, helping them manage seasonal costs and investments.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Besides financial aid, the scheme also provides access to subsidized or free seeds, fertilizers, and other essential farming inputs.
  3. Disaster Compensation: The scheme includes provisions for compensating farmers affected by natural disasters, ensuring they can recover and continue their activities.
  4. Borewell Provision: Eligible farmers can receive free bore wells, which are crucial for irrigation and enhancing agricultural productivity.
  5. Inclusive Eligibility: The scheme covers a broad range of farmers, including those owning or leasing agricultural land, ensuring wide-reaching support.

Eligibility Criteria

Farmers must meet certain eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicants must be permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Farmers should own or lease agricultural land within the state.
  3. Only one family member per household is eligible to receive the benefits.
  4. Families with members who are taxpayers are not eligible for the scheme.
  5. For the borewell provision, farmers must own up to 5 acres of land without existing wells and possess at least 2.5 contiguous acres.

Required Documents

Applicants need to provide several documents when applying for the Sukhibhava Annadata Scheme:

  1. Address Proof
  2. Identity Proof such as Aadhaar card.
  3. Bank Account Details
  4. Farmland Papers proving ownership or lease of agricultural land.
  5. Recent passport-size photographs of the applicant

How to Apply for Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024

To apply for this scheme you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme.
  2. On the homepage, look for and click on the “Apply” button.
  3. The application form will appear.
  4. Enter all the required information such as Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Address, Bank Details, etc.
  5. Upload the necessary documents like residence proof, identification, bank account details, farmland papers, and passport-size photographs.
  6. If there is any payment required, proceed to make the payment as instructed.
  7. Click on the “Submit” button to complete your application process.
  8. After submission, take a printout of the application form for future reference.


The Annadata Sukhibhava Scheme 2024 represents a significant effort by the Andhra Pradesh government to support its farmers. By providing financial assistance, disaster compensation, and resources like free bore wells, the scheme aims to enhance agricultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

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