MEDISEP Hospital List 2023 [District Wise] Medcard Full Hospital List

There is a health insurance scheme for government employees and retirees Kerala Medisep Scheme. Around 1920 diseases are covered under this scheme making it one of the best insurance programs. Many hospitals are covered MEDISEP hospital list, so today we are going to tell you how you can see whether a given hospital is in the list or not. Also, on the portal, we will show you how to login, download the card and file a complaint.

MEDISEP Hospital List 2023

MEDISEP stands for Medical Insurance for Government Employees and Pensioners. Under MEDICSEP, common treatments are covered up to Rs 3 lakh and organ transplants are covered up to Rs 20 lakh. The Medisep scheme Offers Cashless treatment for beneficiaries. Hence, the beneficiary has to contribute Rs.1 lakh. 500 every month from the salary, which is earned by deducting the contribution directly from their salary. This is a state program available only to residents of Kerala. This article covers everything you need to know about checking MEDISEP hospital list Names of the schemes including their purpose, benefits, eligibility requirements, documents required and procedures to be followed. The last date for submission of application is 31 December 2022 and the scheme is mandatory for all government employees.

MEDISEP hospital list

MEDISEP hospital list Overview

Name of the project MEDISEP Scheme Kerala
Launched Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said
year 2023
State Kerala
start date 1 July 2022
due date 31 December 2022
Beneficiaries Pensioners and employees
Official website

Survival Kerala Project

MEDISEP hospital list Objectives

The Medical Insurance for State Employees and Pensioners (MEDISEP) program is designed with the objective of providing comprehensive medical insurance coverage to all retired and active employees of the Kerala State Government. It comes under many hospitals MEDISEP hospital list. Anyone can check the official website of Medicine and see which hospitals are listed.

MEDISEP Scheme Benefits

Under the MEDICEP scheme, eligible Kerala residents will get the following benefits:

  • 30 million individuals will benefit from the three-year BBP and Rs.3 lakh annually.
  • MEDISEP covers 1920 procedures and treatments.
  • The program covers hospital charges like housing, food, prescription drugs, doctor and staff fees and medical expenses.
  • MEDISEP includes a transplant and a disaster package.
  • 3 lakhs annually by the government to the beneficiary to use in his insurance program. 1.5 lakh is fixed and another 1.5 lakh is under “flatted system”. If the floater system remains unused in the current year, it will rollover to the next year and finally, if it is not used in the first 2 years, it will accumulate and in the last 3rd year, the total amount will be Rs.6 lakh to the beneficiary.
  • The basic package of schemes includes catastrophic secondary and tertiary benefits, treatments, emergency and trauma care activities and routine care treatments.
  • The Medisep program provides care to beneficiaries without the use of cash.
  • 15 days pre-hospitalization period and three days post-hospitalization period and all expenses will be covered under MEDICEP scheme.

MEDISEP Scheme Beneficiary List

  • Beneficiary list includes all government employees of the state government.
  • Government employees, staff teachers, non-teaching staff and their family members and pensioners of aided schools and colleges.
  • Additionally, Chief Minister’s staff Opposition Ministers Speakers Deputy Speakers

Who is not a beneficiary?

There is still a list of ineligibles in Kerala. Employees and retirees of autonomous bodies, cooperatives and boards like KSEB, KSRTC, KWA are not eligible. State RTI and Human Rights Commission employees and retirees could not participate.

Kerala Helping Hand Project

MEDISEP hospital list Eligibility Criteria

Beneficiaries must be hospitalized for a full day or full 24 hours to be eligible for this scheme.

MEDISEP Scheme 2023 documents required

  • The main documents required for the scheme are first the identity card of the individual
  • Aadhaar Card
  • mobile number
  • E-Mail Id


  • There are several hospitals registered under MEDISEP scheme in district wise categories.
  • To view the list in your browser, you must enter Official website of Medicep Kerala.
  • On your homepage, in the top section, Find hospitals Click on them.
  • A new page will open.
  • Then on the new page, select the state and district. And click “Search”.
  • The list of hospitals will be released.
  • So, you can see a list of all hospitals in a given state or district.


  • To enroll, contact or visit the authorities
  • MEDISEP’s site has a login option; Select your department.
  • After selecting the department, it will ask for your name and password on a new page. Then click “Login”.
  • You are logged in.

Download MEDcard online

  • To get started, please visit the MEDISEP scheme’s online domicile by clicking here.
  • The screen will automatically load the homepage of the website for you.
  • Select and continue from here “Download Medcard” option on the webpage.
  • The screen will completely display a new login page.
  • Enter the login details in the application form.
Download MEDCard online
  • Now after successful login, MEDCard will be displayed.
  • Click on Download option to download to your device.

Medisep complaint

  • Visit Medicep Official website.
  • After that the homepage loads automatically.
  • Choose “complaint” On the website.
  • A new page will be displayed.
  • Select the complaint filling option.
Medisep complaint
  • A new login page will be displayed.
  • Log in yourself by entering your login username and password.
  • After that enter the complaint details and click on submit option

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