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Today through this article we will provide you LIC health insurance plan LIC Health Insurance Plan in Hindi Going to tell complete information about. If you want to know about health insurance plan of LIC then you need to read this article in detail and let us know…

LIC Health Insurance Plan in Hindi – Different insurance companies in our country provide different types of health insurance facilities. But most people here don’t trust all insurance companies. Here people’s trust in LIC has varied over the years. Health insurance is a policy to protect you and your family.

Any member of your family, big or small, is susceptible to the slightest illness. In that case, the health insurance policy covers the entire claim from your hospital expenses to the cost of medicines. In a sense, health insurance plans are made only to manage expenses between illness and accident.

Today you can get detailed information about LIC Health Insurance (LIC Health Insurance Plan in Hindi).

It will be read here in this article. For this you need to understand what is the health insurance plan of LIC, which plans are included in it, apart from this, all the information related to the health insurance plan, you should read this article till the end. So that you get all the correct information, let us know…

What is Lic Health Insurance Plan?

Nowadays not everyone has enough money to meet their personal needs. In such a situation, if there is a medical emergency in the house or the cost of medicine comes up, then the budget of the entire house will break. That is why LIC has launched health insurance plan for its customers.

Under LIC health insurance plan, all the customers will get the full facility of this plan. LIC Health Insurance Plan is also known as LIC Health Insurance. This is the policy where the policyholder has to purchase this policy. All his expenses are borne by LIC. Under this policy LIC bears the cost of the medicine from the hospital till the admission of the policy holder.

LIC Health Insurance Company provides various types of facilities to all the policy holders under the insurance policy, all these facilities are available to all the policy holders while taking their medical treatment, to cover the expenses of the policy holder.

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lic health insurance policy

LIC Health Insurance Plan- There are many types of health insurance plans, all companies have different types of plans, you have already given all this information, but here is to know about the health insurance plan of LIC, then you need to explain. The plan is mainly of two types and let us inform you about the type of LIC health insurance plan.

LIC Jeevan Arogya Rakshak Plan 906

This LIC plan is a non-participating, non-linked health insurance plan. LIC health insurance plan covers you, your family and the entire family in case of any medical emergency.

Lic Health Insurance Plan In Hindi Apart from this, there are annual regular premium and individual health insurance plans. LIC Jeevan Arogya Rakshak Plan covers not only you but your entire family. LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan includes no claim benefit health coverage, flexibility and premium payment option.

Eligibility for LIC Jeevan Health

You want to buy health insurance plan of LIC for which you have to meet certain qualifications. If you meet those criteria properly, you can easily buy a health insurance plan. Let us know what qualifications are required… Lic Health Insurance Plan

  • Firstly, the age of the policy holder should be 18 years or more than 65 years.
  • Parents can also be included in this coverage if their age is 75 years.
  • Children can be included in this plan after 3 months of your child’s birth and upto 17 years of age.

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LIC Jeevan Arogya Coverage

LIC Health Insurance Plan Below is the information about what is covered under Jeevan Arogya in LIC Health Insurance Plan.

  • The benefit of this policy is availed on admission to the hospital.
  • Premium payment option
  • All kinds of diseases are covered
  • Provides financial security under action.
  • Other members of the family are also covered under the express. If the policyholder dies after inception of the policy, the premium for all members is waived.
  • Ambulance benefits and health check benefits are available.
  • Apart from this, some other benefits are provided in the Jeevan Arogya Plan which is included in the term rider’s accident benefit option.

lic Cancer Cover Plan

Lic Health Insurance Plan LIC’s Cancer Cover Plan is a non-participating non-linked health insurance plan. This plan is offered to provide financial protection to the policyholder if cancer is diagnosed at an early stage at any time during the policy period. Lic Health Insurance Plan in Hindi

Not all cancer expenses are covered under a typical health insurance plan. Cancer cover plan included by LIC itself. Here complete financial protection for the treatment of cancer patient is included in the claim coverage.

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Eligibility for LIC Cancer Cover Plan

It is very important to have the following qualifications for LIC Cancer Cover Plan

  • Firstly, the age of the policy holder should be more than 20 years and less than 65 years to take the cancer cover plan.
  • At the time of getting the policy, the policy turnover should be at least 10 years.

Benefits of LIC Cancer Cover Plan

Below are the benefits of LIC Cancer Cover Plan.. Lic Health Insurance Plan

  • After taking the plan policy under the cancer cover plan, the policyholder gets the claim amount and the benefit together.
  • The policy holder will get the premium benefit and other necessary measures.

Conclusion- In today’s article, we have provided you detailed information about “LIC Health Insurance Plan”. We hope you have a good understanding about LIC’s health insurance plan. If you like our information, please share it with your friends as much as possible.

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