Kerala Parivarthanam Scheme: Online Registration, Eligibility & Benefits

of KSCADC Kerala Transformation Project The portal delivers fresh fish to customers’ doorsteps. Dropouts, dealer MIMI fish, educators/institutions, industry partners and fish producers can register on the conversion utilization site. This page describes the conversion timeline project and site. In today’s article, we will certainly talk about the scheme, its objectives and especially the key features of the scheme. Also, we will discuss how to apply under the scheme through different roles such as students, institutions, industry partners etc.

Kerala Transformation Project

Kerala Transformation Scheme 2023

Kerala government has launched a new scheme for the citizens of the state. Under the scheme, various development opportunities are provided to encourage those working in coastal and inland fisheries and ensure economically sound fishing techniques. The Kerala Paramanta scheme was set up to effectively supply fish and fish-related products to the consumers throughout the year. The customer can also get information about production sources and intermediaries from this webpage. Along with that, it emphasized on the students, especially the dropout-prone teenagers of the state, MIMI fish dealer, teachers/institutions, business partners and fish farmers.

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Details of Kerala Transformation Project

Name of the project Kerala Transformation Project
Launched Kerala State Govt
the aim Create jobs
benefit Provide employment opportunities
Beneficiary People in coastal and inland fisheries
Application Method Online

Objectives of Kerala Transformation Project

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, safety standards have increased globally to prevent diseases. The Government of Kerala has formulated the Transformation Scheme to promote coastal and inland fisheries security. Under this strategy, a new site has been developed to handle day-to-day fishing operations such as fish and fish product distribution. We provide reliable information about manufacturers, intermediaries and consumers. To provide employment to youth affected by the epidemic.

Let’s summarize all the objectives of the transformation plan as follows:

  • To ensure fair and stable payment to fishermen every day.
  • Supporting environmentally friendly fishing techniques.
  • Quality fish handling procedures to ensure year-round supply of fish and fish products.
  • The transformation platform can be found throughout the supply chain.
  • Improving employment opportunities for young people and those whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic.
  • Make this consortium the core agency and build the transformation as a national model.

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Benefits of Kerala Transformation Project

  • Government of Kerala has launched a new scheme called Kerala Transformation. The project helps people in coastal and inland fisheries to improve their economic lives.
  • It will promote environmentally sound fishing practices and make it easier for people to get fish and fish products throughout the year.
  • By monitoring the pandemic COVID-19, this project will make people around the world more concerned about food safety.
  • Under this scheme, the youth of the state will be given an opportunity to get jobs and build their career
  • This will also ensure that the customer gets accurate information about where the product came from and who made it. Complete transparency and a clear path ahead for all organizations doing business.
  • The project will provide teaching skills and promote clean energy sources.

Kerala Transformation Scheme Eligibility

Eligibility for the scheme listed below:

  • A resident of Kerala needs to submit an application.
  • Candidates should come from coastal and fishing industries.
  • Candidate should be in final year of college and in professional track.

Kerala Transformation Project Documents

The following documents are required to apply under the conversion platform:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Education certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • mobile number
  • E-Mail Id

Kerala Helping Hand Project

Kerala Transition Scheme Form for Team Leaders

Mentors who can help poor students complete their education, find the right NSDC skill program and design their career. They can establish loyal customers in the assigned area and conduct commercial activities to promote the conversion project. Follow the steps for Dealer MIMI Fish (Team Leaders) Registration:

Kerala Transformation Project
  • For MIMI Fish Sellers -Team Leaders follow the next step
  • Have a look at the home page under the heading Dealer MIMI Fish (Team Leaders)
  • Now, click on the option that says “Click here to register.
  • The form will display on a new page.
Kerala Transformation Project
  • Enter general details and then enter your mobile number and Aadhaar number.
  • After you fill all the information, you have to upload a picture of yourself.
  • After uploading photos, check the terms and conditions.
  • Now, click on the Register button.
  • Team Leaders can sign up successfully.

Kerala Conversion Scheme Form for Students

Matawan Yojana, registration of students including those who have already left school

Students in graduate or professional stream with test paper backlogs who need part-time work to complete their studies and who are interested in participating in NSDC Skilling Program to acquire additional skills. Between 20 and 34 years of age.

  • Go to transition Official website.
  • Home page will show on your screen.
  • Look on the home page under “Students including Dropouts”.
  • Select the option Click here for registration
  • The sign up form will be shown in front of you.
Form for students
  • Then, fill in all the information shown including basic information and dropout courses if the student backpackers (IF) drop out, then address the information.
  • After you fill the form and upload your photo, click on the register option
  • This makes it easy for students, even dropouts, to sign up.

Kerala Conversion Scheme Form for Teachers/Institutions

Teachers or institutions are eager to help students complete school. Students will be grouped by subject and area. Teaching should be available online and offline for teachers and students.

  • Visit Official website For conversion
  • Home page will show on your screen.
  • Below “Teachers/Institution Now” On the home page, click “Click here for registration.”
  • You will see a new page and a form will be displayed.
Kerala Conversion Scheme Form for Teachers/Institutions
  • Here, information such as name and address of the organization needs to be filled. Then, upload a picture of yourself. Next, click “Register”. Through this teachers or institutes can register successfully.

Kerala Transformation Scheme Form for Industry Partners

  • First, go to the main part of the conversion scheme website.
  • Home page will show on your screen.
  • Industry partners See the home page.
  • Click on the following option Click here for registration
  • The sign up form will be shown in front of you.
  • Here, enter the requested basic information and applicant’s address.
  • After filling the form, you can now upload your own photo by clicking on the register option
  • By following the steps below, the industry can sign up for the transition.

The process is similar for Boat Owners/Marine, Fish Farm/Freshwater and Farm Land/Inland. Keep documents ready and upload photos.

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